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 Post subject: Don Jorge, The Vampire of Belén Cemetery
#1PostPosted: 22.08.2016, 08:22 
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Hi everyone!!! I'm soooooo excited because yesterday I heard a very interesting legend in Guadalajara, México!
The legend of the buried vampire in Belén's Cemetery.

The legend emerged in the XVIII Century, in colonial times when Mexico was still the New Spain. It was in these times when many aristocrats arrived in Mexico, owning the largest landowners. One of them was Don Jorge (George in English). After his arrival, many animals like dogs appeared completely bled, without a single drop of blood. Over time, many children died of the same mysterious cause. The people feared for their lives, and before the sun went down, many people took refuge in their homes.
One day, a group of men was filled with courage and sought a priest for the assist.
According to legend, they found the vampire Don Jorge drinking the blood of a farmer and was caught by villagers. They nailed a wood stake and buried in the cemetery, by order of the priest. They also placed a headstone over so he could not escape. Accordingly, the passage of months a tree grew and broke the headstone that there was. It is rumored that the tree grew of the green stalk of wooden stake.
It's said that if a tree leaf is cut, it will bleed (the blood of the victims of the vampire Don Jorge), and not only that, at night you can see the faces of the victims reflected in the tree.
Currently the tomb of the vampire is protected by a metal gate to prevent visitors cut tree leaves, because the tree was so close to die. And it's feared that if the tree dies or is collapsed, the vampire will return to terrorize the population denuevo bloodthirsty revenge.

The Pantheon of Bethlehem is one of the oldest in Mexico, not just the vampire legend Don Jorge is told, there are many legends of ghosts in grief that appear at night. Currently, many tours are made in the cemetery at night and day.
I'm going to let you some photos of Don Jorge's tomb.
NOTE!!: The photo were taken from internet. I'm planning to go to Belén Cemetery and take photos by my own.
Also, I share this link where you can find some more photos of Belén cemetery: https://clauzzen.org/2014/02/11/serie-panteones-panteon-de-belen-guadalajara-jalisco-mexico/
Here is the link with the legend (in Spanish): http://www.zocalo.com.mx/seccion/articulo/relatos-y-leyendas-el-arbol-del-vampiro-1421933590

File comment: Photo by Clauzzen Hernández
Clauzzen Hernández2.jpg
Clauzzen Hernández2.jpg [ 439 KiB | Viewed 2247 times ]
File comment: Photo by Clauzzen Hernández
Clauzzen Hernández1.jpg
Clauzzen Hernández1.jpg [ 457.61 KiB | Viewed 2247 times ]
File comment: Photo by Tomas Huizar
TOMAS HUIZAR.jpg [ 401.46 KiB | Viewed 2247 times ]
File comment: Photo by Enlace Veracruzano's article.
enlaceveracruzano.jpg [ 196.61 KiB | Viewed 2247 times ]
File comment: Photo by Caza Mitos's page.
cazamitos.jpg [ 191.68 KiB | Viewed 2247 times ]

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