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 Post subject: Re: Twilight
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Yes, the idea of vampires is changing. Actually, the real concept of vampires is different in any country. In México, a legend says, that, if you see a little "blue flame" outside of the window, is a vampire, and it takes your energy while you are sleeping.
As I said before: I have read a lot of vampire stories including TV-Shows and documentary. All of them are almost near of general descriptions. Also, there are some examples of vampires can walk under sun:
1. My babysitter's a vampire.
2. The young Dracula (before age of 16 years)
3. Evernight
4. Vampire Diaries (they use a magic ring)
5. The Radleys
6. House of Night
7. Vampire Academy

The problem with Twilight is the drastic change of vampires. I can understand some ideas: They are vegetarian, the black eyes when they are angry, they are attractive and pales, they have some special powers like read minds, etc. But I do not agree with: They shine under sun, no fangs, they never sleep and also the way how they become vampires. And the werewolves... bad... bad... they are like big dogs, just that. My favorite werewolves are from the movie: Underworld.

I loved Twilight because the love between Bella and Edward was... romantic, but about vampires it has nothing.

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