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 Post subject: Anna Popplewell
#1PostPosted: 04.11.2013, 18:20 
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Auf der Homepage der damaligen Darstellerin der Anna Sackville-Bagg, "Mrs. Anna Popplewell", habe ich ein Interview zum damaligen Kinohit vom kleinen Vampir gefunden.


How did you get into acting in the first place?

I do a drama club called allsorts.

Do you go to a weekend drama club, or is it a full time training school?

I just do it on a saturday afternoon. It’s good fun and I have loads of friends there.

Are you hoping to appear in more films or television programs in the near future, and if so, are there any coming up we should be aware of?

Theres something coming on at Christmas called Love in a Cold Climate.’and I am about to start shooting a film called ‘Me without you.’

What was your favorite part of acting as Anna in the film?

The company was great. Everyone was so nice and got on well. Though I have to say the fangs come pretty high on my list.

Had you read any of Angela Sommer-Bodenburg books before hand, and if so, what did you think of them?

Yeah, I had read a couple of them and thought that they were great books.

How did you hear about the part of Anna in the film in the first place?

My agent put me up for the part but I had to go for 5 or 6 auditions before I got it.

What did you think of your character? Could she have been improved in anyway do you think?

What did you think of your character? Could she have been improved in anyway do you think?

Did you get on well with the other members of the cast? Where any of them annoying (we love the gossip, and Rollo was a favorite amongst the girls at school!)?

Everyone was great and we all had a laugh making the film. Rollo was brilliant and I am sure he’ll go on to do more acting. Jonathan Lipnicki looks so sweet on the screen and his sister Alexis was very nice as was Rollo’s sister, Perdi. Dean Cook, who plays Gregory, was also good fun and he was a basketball genius as I remember it.

And lastly, what was it like acting with someone as famous as Richard E. Grant?

He was really nice and knew how to handle children because he has an 11 year old daughter.

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 Post subject: Re: Anna Popplewell
#2PostPosted: 05.11.2013, 06:13 
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Interessant. Einen größeren Bekanntheitsgrad erlangte Anna Popplewell als Darstellerin der "Susan" in "Die Chroniken von Narnia". Als eine der älteren Geschwister die Stimme der Vernunft und dadurch anfangs ein wenig langweilig und spaßbremsig. :mrgreen:

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